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ParleoneA long-time shower-singer turned music aficionado, Tiago currently resides in hipstery East London where he slowly amasses a useless and not-at-all valuable collection of broken records of 60’s cheesy garage-pop, 70’s hillbilly southern rock and pretty much anything with a psychedelic cover art. He still sings in the shower, but is currently looking for Karaokes or Open-Mics without a maximum decibel policy.
Tiago’s incursions in the music world have been varied, from his well-documented portrails of the academic folk panorama in the Tuna da Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto ever since 2005, where he started as a percussionist and later became an award-winning lead soloist. Simultaneously, he joined the short-lived but highly self-destructive PHIST – a semi-comical generic rock project conceived at  riding the limits of audiences’ patience – which ended in 2010 without any arrests. He has been, ever since, contributing sporadically to random projects such as Colectivo Adega and is currently working on a space-funk fusion project with two members of Operation Midnight Climax.
Tiago organized the now-infamous show of motherly love, the Festival “Um Beijinho Para A Minha Mãe” (A Little Kiss For My Mother) in 2010 back when Lotta Lips was still just a tiny embryon of a promoter and was involved in the organization of the PADRECOS festivals, during its editions in the Coliseum, Porto’s largest concert venue, as well as having a very small part to play in the building of the second edition of the NME-recommended Optimus Alive! Festival in 2008. Most recently he collaborated with Strobe Magazine.

Landmark Albums:

The One I first listened to: The One for an acid trip: The One for wall-hanging:
The Lion King - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack David Axelrod - Song of Innocence King Crimson - Lizard
The Lion King David Axelrod King Crimson
Original Soundtrack Song Of Innocence Lizard

What I’m doing on 8tracks:


What I’m doing on Soundcloud:


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