Top 10 Artists To Listen To In 2014

Top 20 Artists to listen to in 2014

And now to sum up our tops of 2013, why not gather the boys and girls we here at Lotta Lips are more excited to see what they’ll be up to in the New Year? Here’s our top 10 artists that you definitely need to hear in 2014.

10. Reignwolf (blues, garage, rock)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been genuinely excited about a new blues act shaking up the old-standard establishment. But this due is without a doubt an impressive machine. I first saw his KEXP performance which left me completely surrendered to his energy and on-stage presence. Then I stumbled upon his well-oiled pre-album marketing apparatus through Rolling Stone. But fuck the fact that he has a big budget behind him, he’s a sexy Canadian playing blues like the world is ending! And here’s the video to prove it.

And here’s the single to his highly expected album:

9. Lo-Fang (downtempo, indie, soul)

Lo-Fang is probably one of those cases where we clearly articulate our love for the general feel of the artist, rather then actually be hyped about him – which is a good thing! The indie-shirt-wearing Matthew Hemerlein has struck a chord with his classical background and minimalistic yet soulfully powerful songs. Here’s a snippet of what got me amazed at his talent, the impressive Boris’ tale of escape.

8. Blood Orange (chillwave, indie, RnB)

Devonté Hynes, crazy musician dude from those old guys called Test Icicles (weird memories), has launched himself full-throttle as smooth operator Blood Oranges with his album “Cupid Deluxe” – which has an array of delicious songs, in between sax-lovin ‘Uncle Ace’ and cooking-tune ‘It Is What It Is’. But the one I’m featuring here is ‘On the Line’ perfectly overdubbed onto Rob Ford’s sexy dancing! This guy’s already everywhere – and I don’t mean Rob Ford!

7. Hozier (blues, soul, pop)

Instant love story for new kid – self-taught guitar, the best blues influences, the best classical education, hyped to death, #back2attic all round! If he can keep the lid on his ‘downtempop’ (e.g. single “Take Me to Church”), I can’t wait to hear what his sunny side of the street could bring out. One from his catalogue:

6. Cashmere Cat (electro, chillwave, trip-hop)

This dude has created an interesting sound, reigned on the turntables internationally and named himself something with the word ‘cat’ on it. What more do you need to know about him to be sure he’s going to be an internet sensation? Oh yeah, he samples the fuck out of any sound – and that includes eagle cries, tribal rituals and screeching chairs! Something else? Oh yeah, he piggybacked on GTA V!

5. Eagulls (math, trash, indie)

There’s only one thing I need to say about Eagulls:

4. Glass Animals (downtempo, indielectro, trip-hop)

St. Vincent loves them and so do I! Glass Animals have this commercial-oriented downtempo sound that actually works. Fresh, light, easy-listening in a way and not total crap. It’s either mass boom or mass bust! Looking forward to hearing more of these guys this year when their album comes out.

3. Ry x (folk, singer-songwriter, indie)

So here’s this guy, in 2014, doing something that sounds so 2008 dream that it creeps me the fuck out. I mean, is this an early revival or is he just caring fuck all? Maybe he’s just trying to capitalise on the ‘Bon Ivering’ (yes that’s a verb) of the pop folk with chinos critical mass. Anyway, huge marketing in the right places gets this guy a hot spot!

2. Temples (neopsych, stoner, rock)

Recently released album after a contagious EP properly infused with buckloads of marketing dollars! These peepz are evoking every 60s outfit out there and making some midlands fun with it. ‘Mesmerise’ is a great example of that!

1. Jungle (electro, breaks, electrorooming)

Not even Reignwolf can top these guys’ marketing stunt! No further need for introduction, they are everywhere to be seen and heard but they’ll be going live on the 4th of March at the Village Underground! Yup.


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